HAPANI Case Study

14, Jun 2016Case Study

Suleiman Abdulahi is a freelance Interpreter with Flex Language Services and the co-founder of HAPANI (Horn of Africa People’s Aid Northern Ireland), a non-governmental organisation based in Belfast.

He went through the OCN Community Interpreting Level 3 course with Flex Language Services in 2012 and has remained with Flex since, gaining more work within the public sector in Northern Ireland.


“I had many years of interpreting experience, but this particular OCN course has expanded my knowledge and skills of the whole interpreting sector. It was not complicated and I learnt new information about different interpreting systems and the techniques which are involved within each. For example, interpreting within the health service requires different techniques to interpreting in a court situation.”

Suleiman Abdulahi

Freelance Interpreter, FLEX Language Services

Flex are an OCN approved centre delivering level 4 in community interpretation up to 6 times a year. The courses are highly beneficial and Suleiman found the qualification has greatly improved his career opportunities. He continued


“Since completing the OCN course and receiving the qualification for my interpreting services, it has opened up my career prospects and I have received new opportunities within different sectors which I would not have had access to before. My confidence has also increased, which is very important as interpreting can be a daunting job at times.”


Suleiman Abdulahi

Freelance Interpreter, FLEX Language Services

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