Our Translators & Interpreters

Upon joining the FLEX Community of Translators and Interpreters you will have access to a wide range of quality work plus many benefits. Our main advantages include:

Flexible Working

With FLEX you enjoy the benefit of taking the jobs and hours that suit your other commitments. Our Bookings Team will contact you with opportunities but there is no obligation to take the job if unsuitable.


At FLEX we offer varied and engaging training allowing you to build your skill bank in new areas. We offer practical sessions and tuition from community interpreting OCN (Open College Network) courses through to certified car theory training.


At FLEX we provide a wide range of services to our clients and therefore can offer you a varied work style.

We offer simultaneous, consecutive and telephone interpreting plus a mixture of digital and traditional translation services for a wide range of public sector and corporate clients.

This gives you an opportunity to grow your skills and experience across a wide range of services.


Our dedicated team at FLEX are available to chat to you about your personal development and aspirations for your own business. We like to know each of our interpreters by name and build a relationship to understand your business.

Regular Assignments

As FLEX hold the majority of public sector contracts in Northern Ireland there are guaranteed assignments for interpreters and translators in all world languages.

As part of the FLEX community you will be recognised as part of a leading organisation that offers:

Quality Assurance

  • FLEX is recognised as a centre to deliver OCN qualifications and programmes.
  • FLEX is recognised as a centre to hold Educational Trust Examinations for the Institute of Linguists.

Security Assurance

  • FLEX have strict vetting procedures in compliance with Access NI regulations.
  • FLEX issue tamper-proof identification cards.

Client Confidentiality

FLEX interpreters, translators and tutors sign a Confidentiality Agreement and work according to a Code of Practice.

Continued Professional Development

FLEX offer regular continued training for all of our interpreters, covering topics such as:

  • Medical and Legal Terminology
  • Trauma Awareness
  • Dealing with Vulnerable Adults
  • Car Theory Tests

On Time Results

Interpreters are selected in the most cost effective manner for the client. We always find the closest interpreter for an assignment to keep travelling costs to a minimum.

FLEX guarantee that translated documents will be delivered by the agreed deadline.