Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness

Are you planning on moving into a market in a country you have not done business in before? Have you thought about the different culture and etiquette you may need to adopt for business?

Gain an in-depth insight into foreign market cultural variances including economic, political, environmental and etiquette.

FLEX can provide awareness training for all cultures. This service complements the language tuition offered by FLEX and can be paired with specific tuition in local business acumen.

Suitable for:

  • Businesses wishing to conduct business in foreign markets
  • Individuals or groups wishing to visit a country with strong cultural background e.g. foreign aid work
  • Schools / Universities interested in expanding student knowledge in a particular county

Tuition is provided by our fully qualified and highly trained local interpreters and translators who are native to the country in question.

Why choose FLEX?



FLEX tutors cover all cultural aspects including economic, political and etiquette across any world culture


Tuition can be at your home/office or delivered at our central premises in Belfast and Dublin


All FLEX tutors are qualified and have extensive tuition experience


We can provide bespoke training to meet your exact business needs